HP Laptop Charger, Lenovo Laptop Charger, Dell Laptop Charger and More: Choose The Best One

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Read the article to explore various types of laptop chargers i.e., HP laptop charger, Lenovo laptop charger, Dell laptop charger, ASUS laptop charger, and Acer laptop charger,  their features, and some essential maintenance tips to keep your charger in top shape.


It is really important to conduct thorough research before purchasing a laptop charger because low-quality chargers can negatively affect the condition of your battery. In extreme circumstances, the incorrect charger could cause your laptop to overheat and result in long-term damage. Although the included laptop charger is the best option, there may be times when you need to swap it out. You can select either universal laptop chargers or ones made specifically for the model you own. It can be challenging to choose which laptop charger to purchase given the wide variety on the market. In this article, a comparative study of laptop chargers is discussed to assist you in purchasing the perfect charger for your laptop.

Various types of Laptop Charger

HP laptop charger

Features of HP laptop charger:

  1. Lightweight Design: Fits easily and without adding weight to your bag.
  2. Safety and Protection: This prevents your laptop from being damaged by unexpected power outages.
  3. Efficient power delivery: It provides 5v, 9V, 10V, 12V, 15V, or 20V of power depending on the demands of your device.
Product NamePower RatingDimensionConnector typeCompatibilityLink
45W 19.5V 2.31A AC Adapter Replacement HP Laptop Charger


45 watts3.5 x 1.5 x 1 inchesBarrel ConnectorHP Pavilion 11 13 15; HP elitebook Folio 1040 g1; hp touchsmart 11 13 15;HP Stream 13 11 14


 Best Price
19.5V 65W 45W UL Listed 14Ft Long HP Smart Blue Tip AC Adapter


65 watts6.69 x 4.73 x 1.99 inchesBlue TipX360 Pavilion, Envy, Spectre, Elitebook 840, ProBook, and More


Best Price
65W 19.5V 3.33A Ac Adapter


65 watts7.44 x 5.04 x 1.77 inchesBarrel ConnectorHP ProBook 440 G3 G4 G5 450 G3 G4 G5; EliteBook 725 G3 G4 850 G3 G4 G5; Zbook 14u G4 G5 15u G3 x2 G4; Spectre x360 13-4005dx 13-4100dx; Stream 11-d010nr 11-d010wm; Pavilion x360 11-k120nr 13-s128nr and moreBest Price
45W 19.5V 2.31A for HP Laptop Charger Blue Tip


45watts3.7 x 1.5 x 1 inchesBarrel ConnectorHP Pavilion x360 11 13 15, Zbook 14u G4 G5 15u 15 G3, 15-f111dx 15-f211wm 15-f233wm 15-f278nr 15-r052nr 15-r132wm


Best Price

Dell laptop charger

Features of Dell laptop charger:

  1. Wattage and voltage precision
  2. Durable chargers
  3. Tangle-free cables
  4. Advanced safety features
  5. compact and portable
Product NamePower RatingDimensionConnector typeCompatibilityLink
65W 45W Power Adapter for Dell laptop charger65watts4.21 x 1.85 x 0.3 inchesBarrel Connectorfor All Round Connectors


Best Price
Dell Laptop Charger 65W watt AC Power Adapter65watts7.2 x 4.65 x 1.85 inchesBarrel ConnectorLaptopsBest Price
45W 19.5V 2.31A AC Adapter Laptop Charger for Dell


45watts9 x 6.5 x 1.8 inchesBarrel Connector45W Dell laptop charger, Dell Inspiron 15 3000 charger, Dell Inspiron 15 5000 charger, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 charger, Dell Inspiron 13 7000 chargerBest Price
Dell Laptop Charger 65W Watt USB Type C AC Power Adapter


65watts4.7 x 2 x 1 inchesUSB Type CDell XPS 12 9250, XPS 13 9350, XPS Series, Latitude 5000 Series


Best Price
65W 45W for Dell USB C Charger


65watts, 45watts7.44 x 5 x 1.85 inchesUSB Type CDell XPS 12 12D 13 15 Series: 9250 L221x 9Q23 9Q33 9350 9360 9365 9370 321X 322X L321X L322X 3943 9333 9344 9530 9550, Notebook PC Charger; DELL Vostro 14 15 Series: 3458 3459 5459 3358 3558 3559; DELL Optiplex 3020 3040 7040 9020 3046, AC Notebook ChargerBest Price

Lenovo laptop charger

Features of Lenovo laptop charger:

  1. Rapid charging
  2. Over current and short-circuit protection
  3. Portable and Travel friendly
  4. Smart voltage management
  5. High-quality construction
Product NamePower RatingDimensionConnector typeCompatibilityLink
65W 45W Type C Power Adapter Chromebook, USB C Charger


65watts7.56 x 5.04 x 1.73 inchesUSB Type CLenovo Chromebook C330 S330 300e 100e 500e, Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK AST N23, Yoga Series Laptop AC Adapter


Best Price
Charger for Lenovo Laptop Charger – 65W 45W


65watts3 x 2 x 0.65 inchesRound Power ConnectorIdeapad 100 Series, Ideapad 120S Series, Ideapad 110 / 110S Series, Ideapad 310 / 310S Series, Ideapad 320 / 320S Series, and moreBest Price
Charger for Lenovo Laptop Computer 65W 45W USB C Fast Power Adapter


65watts7.09 x 4.41 x 2.05 inchesUSB Type CLenovo Chromebook charger, Lenovo laptop charger USB C, Laptops, Lenovo Thinkpad chargerBest Price
Charger for Lenovo Laptop Computer 65W 45W Round Tip Power Supply AC Adapter


65watts5.59 x 4.92 x 1.54 inchesBarrel connectorLenovo IdeaPad 330-14, 330-15, 330-17, 510-15, 330s-14, 330s-15 Lenovo Flex 6-14 Laptop Charger


Best Price
WZXHU Replacement 65W Lenovo Laptop Charger


65watts8.5×5.4x 1.9   inchesRectangle USBLenovo Thinkpad T470 T470S T460 E531 E570 E560 L470 L460 L440 T440 T450 T540P X270 X250 X240 ADLX65NLC2A ADLX65NCC3A ADLX65NCC2A AC Power Adapter


Best Price

ASUS laptop charger

Features of ASUS laptop charger:

  1. Smart charging technology
  2. Durable
  3. Compact and travel-friendly
  4. High-speed charging
  5. Built-in safety features
Product NamePower RatingDimensionConnector typeCompatibilityLink
Laptop Charger for Asus, (UL Safety Certified), Round Connector, 65W, 45W, 33W


65watts, 45watts, 33watts3.5 x 3.1 x 0.74 inchesRound Power ConnectorASUS LaptopsBest Price
45W Laptop Charger


45watts6.77 x 3.7 x 1.65 inchesAsus power supply 4.0 * 1.35 mmAsus Vivobook 15 S15 14 17 E203M X553M X540S X540L X541N X556U F512D Notebook


Best Price
65W 45W 33W Charger for Asus Laptop


65watts6.81 x 4.45 x 1.77 inchesBarrel ConnectorVivoBook, ZenBook, Chromebook x551m x540s c202s Laptop Notebook Replacement Power Supply Adapter


Best Price

Acer laptop charger

Features of Acer laptop charger:

  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Rapid charging capability
  4. Smart charging technology
  5. Robust build and quality materials
Product NamePower RatingDimensionConnector typeCompatibilityLink
19V 3.42A AC Power Adapter Charger


65watts9.02 x 5.51 x 1.5 inchesBarrel ConnectorAcer-Chromebook 15 14 13 11 R11 CB3 Series CB3-111 CB3-532-C47C CB3-431 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-131 CB3-111-C8UB CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-532 AO1-131, AO1-431 Laptop


Best Price
ALITOVE 19V 3.42A Universal Laptop Charger Replacement 65W 45W 2.37A 2.53A 3.15A 19V DC Power Supply & AC Adapter


65watts7.8 x 4.8 x 1.85 inchesBarrel ConnectorSamsung, LG TV, HP Monitor, Acer, Spire Spin, Chromebook, Series Toshiba, Gateway, ASUS


Best Price
19V 3.42A 65W AC Adapter Laptop Charger


65watts8 x 5 x 2 inchesBarrel ConnectorAcer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 R11 CB3 CB5 C740 C720 C720p C738T C731 CB3-532 CB3-131 CB3-111 CB3-531 CB5-571 CB5-311 CB5-132T PA-1650-80 PA-1450-26 Power Cord


Best Price
Powseed Universal Laptop Charger 45W Power Adapter


45watts5.59 x 4.84 x 2.05 inchesBarrel ConnectorAsus Dell hp Acer Samsung Sony Toshiba Fujitsu Delta NEC Liteon and More Chromebooks Ultrabook Laptop Notebook Computer


Best Price
65W 19V 3.42A Charger Replacement for Acer Laptop


65watts1.18 x 1.57 x 0.5 inches3_pinAcer Laptop AC Adapter A13-045N2A A11-065N1A Pa-1450-26 Aspire 1 5 R15 Slim A515-54 Chromebook C738T C740 Spin 1 3 5 Swift 3 Power Cord


Best Price

How to Choose the Right Charger for Your Laptop?

Some important factors are listed below which play a major role while purchasing a laptop charger.

1. Identify Your Charger’s part number

  • Examining the label on your existing charger is one of the simplest ways to determine which charger is best for your laptop.
  • On the label, the part number is typically written as “P/N”, “Spare”, or “FRU”.
  • You can make sure that you buy the appropriate replacement charger for your laptop by determining the correct part number on the charger label. This can assist you in avoiding compatibility problems and guarantee that your device charges properly.

2. Identify Your Laptop’s serial/ model number

  • Don’t worry if you can’t find or have lost your old charger, because there are still ways to get the appropriate replacement.
  • One choice is to look for your laptop’s serial or model number, which is typically written on the back of the device.
  • The serial or model number can also be located by using the command prompt. Simply type “cmd” into the Window’s search box, then “wmic bios get serial number” into the command prompt.
  • By doing this, the model number will appear, which you can use to find the appropriate replacement charger.

3. Charger Connector Type and Watt

Untitled design6 HP Laptop Charger, Lenovo Laptop Charger, Dell Laptop Charger and More: Choose The Best One
  1. It is risky to find a replacement charger using only the model number. Because the same model occasionally has a variety of pin diameters or outputs.
  2. If the pin type or size is incorrect, it won’t ever fit into the pin socket on your laptop to charge it.
  3. A common way to identify the charger pin type is to physically check the pin type, measure the outer and inner diameters of your original pin and compare them to the diameters of the replacement laptop charger. And both of them have to match exactly, or it won’t fit at all.
  4. Again, the incorrect output voltage also puts the components of your laptop at risk of being permanently harmed.
  5. The charger’s wattage determines how quickly it can recharge the laptop battery. For instance, the output for the laptop charger mentioned above is 20V x 3A.

Wattage = Voltage x Ampere

It defines the laptop charger’s work at 20V voltage, 3A current, and 60W power.

  1. You will need to ensure that the output specifications of your original and replacement laptop chargers are identical. To prevent the laptop charger from becoming damaged or overheating, it is essential to select the proper wattage.

4. How to choose the laptop charger’s replacement?

1. Getting the OEM or 3rd Party Laptop Charger

It might be difficult to find or even expensive to replace it from the original manufacturer (OEM). OEM laptop chargers come in two varieties.

  1. Third-party AC adapters made specifically for the brand of laptop. The companies like Delta, ACBEL, and LiteON generally manufacture these types of products.
  2. AC adapters produced by the laptop manufacturer itself. The companies like Samsung, Lenovo, and HP generally manufacture these types of products.

Always examine the branded logo on your original laptop charger while you are purchasing a new one.

2. Getting a universal Charger

A variety of devices including Bluetooth, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, can be charged using universal chargers.  The size of universal chargers is comparable to a phone charger.

  1. Compatibility with Your Laptop: How to find the perfect charger match for your specific laptop model, whether it’s an HP laptop charger, Dell laptop charger, Lenovo laptop charger, or others.
  2. OEM vs. Third-Party Chargers: Weighing the pros and cons, warranty considerations, and safety aspects of both options.

How to extend the life of your laptop charger?

10 simple maintenance techniques to ensure optimal charger performance and longevity.

  1. Remove the charger’s plug when not in use.
  2. Keep the charger away from extremely hot or cold environments.
  3. Do not let the charger get too hot.
  4. Avoid bending or twisting the charger cables.
  5. Avoid using damaged chargers.
  6. The charger connectors should not be forced.
  7. Take care not to short-circuit the charger.
  8. Never throw or drop the charger.
  9. Avoid plugging and unplugging the charger.
  10. Don’t use the wrong type of charger frequently.

Charging cycles of laptop chargers to improve longevity

The lifespan of your battery can be significantly shortened by repeatedly charging it at high voltages. According to [https://batteryuniversity.com/index.php/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries]

Charging a battery to just 85% to 90% of its capacity can increase its discharge cycle by 300 to as many as 1000 additional recharges.

Basically, you could extend the life of your battery by six to twelve months if you charged your laptop to 85% to 90% rather than 100%. Additionally, charging a battery to only 70% to 75% capacity can almost quadruple the number of discharge cycles.

  1. After charging your laptop, try not to completely discharge it.
  2. Keeping your battery level between 40% and 80% is the best thing you can do.
  3. Make sure your laptop’s cooling fan is functioning properly and that it doesn’t become overheated.
  4. The battery in your laptop can not “overcharge” and damage itself.


Remember, your laptop charger is more than just a plug and cable; it’s the backbone of your laptop’s existence. Without it, your laptop would be nothing more than a sleek paperweight! So, give your charger the love and care it deserves by following some simple maintenance tips.

We’ve covered everything from the different types of chargers for popular laptop brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, to the wonders of universal chargers that fit almost any laptop out there. Oh, and let’s not forget those charging hacks we shared! Say goodbye to constantly running out of battery with our tips on charging cycles and optimal habits.

As technology keeps moving forward, who knows what the future holds for laptop charging? Maybe we’ll be charging our laptops wirelessly like magic! So now, go forth and buy the best suitable charger for your laptop and keep your laptop charged, powered, and ready to take on the world.


  1. What are the factors you should consider while purchasing a laptop charger?

One should consider 3 major factors while purchasing a laptop i.e., the charger’s part number, the laptop’s serial/ model number, charger Connector Type, and Watt.

  1. How much you should charge your laptop to extend the life of your battery?

You should charge your laptop to 85% to 90% rather than 100% to extend the life of your battery.

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