How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router ? A Step-by-step Guide 2024

How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router

Buying a new router usually means replacing the old one completely, whether it’s a traditional stand-alone model or a network of mesh nodes. However, there are situations in which you might need or wish to maintain the functionality of your outdated router.

If you need an answer to the question ” whether you can add your existing router to mesh WIFI” then the short response to the question is “Yes, you can.” The lengthy response to the question is “You can,” but “You have to do it properly if you want the benefits,”.

In case you’re looking for information on “How to Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router,” this article discusses the pros and cons of utilizing your current router with a mesh network. 

What Is a Mesh WiFi?

A mesh network is a kind of local area network (LAN) made up of numerous nodes cooperating to spread the WiFi signal throughout a reasonably large region. Just like WiFi extenders, mesh routers and mesh satellites, function as a single network that requires only one login.

Typically, a mesh WiFi system consists of a mesh router that connects to the modem to convert a wired internet connection from the modem to WiFi and mesh satellites to spread the WiFi signal farther throughout the house.

In order to create an overlapping wireless coverage area and provide strong, continuous WiFi coverage throughout a home or business, the router and satellites are strategically placed throughout the space.

Advantages of Mesh WiFi

  • Faster speed:

    Compared to traditional routers, mesh WiFi networks can operate way faster.  The mesh WIFI networks can even be up to ten times faster! This is due to the fact that instead of all traffic being directed toward a single wireless router, data is distributed equally among all of the network nodes.

    • Highly reliable:

    Compared to conventional routers, mesh WiFi networks offer far greater reliability. In case one satellite experiences a weak signal the device will automatically switch to another node and the network will continue to operate without interruption

    • User-friendly setup:

    The nodes in a mesh WiFi network don’t need to be manually configured because they automatically configure themselves. As a result, the user’s setup experience is extremely simple and seamless.

    • Excellent Multi-Device Handling

    In a mesh network, however, devices connect to the nearest node or the one that offers the best connection.

    • Offers faster Internet plans:

    A mesh WiFi provides full benefit from a 1 Gig or faster internet plan.

    • Offers advanced functionality:

    Higher-end Mesh Router functionalities, such as parental controls and cybersecurity, can also be accessed with WiFi mesh systems.


    1. Since mesh networks can be expensive, customers frequently search for less expensive options, such as Wi-Fi repeaters and extenders.

    A List of Top Mesh WiFi Routers

    NETGEAR Orbi RBKE963 WiFi 6E Mesh System

    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router

    NETGEAR RBK50 Mesh WiFi System

    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router

    TP-Link Deco X20 WiFi 6 Mesh System

    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router

    TP-Link Deco X55 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System

    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router

    Evaluation of Your Existing Router

    Verify whether mesh integration is supported by your current router. Every router might not be compatible with a mesh WiFi network. You can use your existing router in conjunction with the mesh network if it is compatible. If not, think about switching to a mesh-capable router.

    How Do I Setup a Mesh WiFi?

    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router

    Follow the below steps to set up a mesh WiFi.

    • Choose a mesh WiFi system based on your requirements. Usually, these systems are made up of a main router and one or more satellite nodes. Select systems that provide adequate coverage for the size of your house.

    Purchase as many mesh nodes as necessary to cover the planned square footage of your network, taking into consideration any architectural obstacles that may hamper the spread of signals.

    2Choose the perfect location for the router. The ideal position is one that maximizes coverage over all areas where Wi-Fi is required, with satellite nodes completing the gaps. This spot is usually in the middle of the house, away from any obstructions like fireplaces.

    • The primary router should be placed close to your modem, and the satellite nodes should be arranged thoughtfully throughout your home.
    • Determine which room in your house each satellite node should be placed in. Electrical outlets are connected to nodes. Additionally, nodes ought to be placed far from any potential sources of interference, such as microwave ovens and cordless phones.
    • Connect the main router to your modem by using an Ethernet cable. Turn on both of the devices.
    • For setup, the majority of Wi-Fi mesh systems require you to download a mobile app and have a functional internet connection. During the setup process, you can also access the internet through your mobile device’s cellular network.
    • Start the setup process by opening the app, then follow the directions to add satellite nodes and connect the mesh router to your modem.
    • If you don’t already have one or log in to your mesh network account, then you have to create an account first.
    • Enter a serial number or scan the QR code located at the bottom of the main node to connect your account with it.
    • Give the main node a name or location when prompted. Also, provide the number of satellite nodes. You can always add more nodes later, so don’t worry if you estimate it incorrectly or excessively.
    • One by one, plug in each node. You are prompted to select the room in the house where each node is located as it is added.
    • After adding your planned nodes, then visit every room in your house as well as any outdoor spaces to check the speed of your network.

    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router?

    A step-by-step process to set up mesh WIFi with an existing router is represented below.

    1. First check the compatibility of the mesh WiFi system. When connecting to a router, make sure your mesh system can support multiple nodes. The setup will not function if the node is not capable of supporting this.
    2. Make sure your router is connected to your “gateway” or “network” node, then follow the setup guidelines. This is usually a simple setup procedure through an app.
    3. After that, a prompt to switch your gateway to “bridge mode” will appear. In this mode, the gateway’s router features are all disabled and you can continue to use your current router for other purposes while allowing the mesh system to take over routing functions.
    4. If there isn’t a configuration screen, you can find the “bridge mode” located under the “advanced networking” tab of the app on your device.
    5. Place the remaining nodes in different locations around your house.
    6. Proceed with configuring the network using the system app that your mesh system has given you.


    In networking, it’s important to keep in mind that investing time and resources upfront in a high-quality installation will pay off later on in terms of your network’s reliability and efficiency. To provide strong WiFi coverage, a mesh router distributes the signal among two or more linked devices. It is designed to function in the same way as several conventional routers. Though they are designed to take the place of your existing router, mesh networks can also be used in conjunction with them if necessary. A detailed setup process of mesh WiFi system with the existing router is described here


    1. Can I connect a mesh WiFi to an existing router?

    Yes, it’s possible to connect a mesh WIFi to an existing router, but if you want the benefits, you must do it correctly. Mesh WiFi systems are designed specifically to function with mesh satellites and take the place of your current router. In general, when installing a mesh network, it is advised that you unplug your current router.

    If you want to use your existing router with it you won’t be able to take advantage of all the features that mesh networking has to offer. For the best results with mesh WiFi, it is recommended to use an upgraded mesh router.

    2. Do I need a new router to set up a mesh network?

    No, setting up a mesh network does not always require a new router. The goal of a mesh network is to eliminate the need for a router.

    A traditional router spreads Wi-Fi signals over a constrained area by creating a single access point. Whereas, a mesh network is a decentralized system that connects several nodes, or access points, to provide coverage over more expansive or challenging areas. A mesh network is perfect for larger, multi-story homes or those with difficult floor plans.

    3. Should I turn off router WiFi when using mesh?

    Yes, when using a mesh network, it’s usually advised to turn off the WiFi on your current router. Broadcasting WiFi from the router and mesh system simultaneously may result in hard-to-resolve conflicts.

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    How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router ? A Step-by-step Guide 2024

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