Florida Farm Bureau Insurance: A Complete Guide to Coverage, Membership Benefits, Online Services, Reviews, and more 2023

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance1 e1690036960522 Florida Farm Bureau Insurance: A Complete Guide to Coverage, Membership Benefits, Online Services, Reviews, and more 2023


The Florida Farm Bureau Group is a division of the Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Group. A group of Farm Bureau leaders who shared a vision founded Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company 50 years ago. Their main objective is to “offer better member service and more affordable insurance rates”. This company provides auto and home insurance, as well as other specialty insurance coverage and other advantages, with the assistance of their considerate agents.

The Florida Farm Bureau Group consists of two domestic property and casualty insurance companies i.e., Florida Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company and Florida Farm Bureau General Insurance Company. This company is regarded as one of the market leaders in Florida’s private passenger auto and homeowners insurance sectors.

Additionally, the company provides three main package policies: a country squire policy, a dwelling package policy, and a commercial lines package policy. The country squire policy provides fire and inland marine coverage on farm personal property, farm comprehensive personal liability coverage, and an endorsement to a homeowners and dwelling package policy.

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance provider offers a wide range of financial services. So, Floridians looking to have a single company handle their banking, insurance, and loans might consider this company the best option for them.

Mission and purpose of Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

  1. The goal of the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance is “Care for our customers when they need us most.” The company has made a commitment to be there for its policyholders in difficult times.
  2. The company believes in serving the people. The company takes pride in conducting business locally, personally, and online where communities connect.
  3. The company love helping the customer save money through policy discounts, save driver discount, and offering premium credit to policyholders in times of crisis. The company is dedicated to helping you keep what’s yours.
  4. The company loves assisting customers in saving money by providing policy discounts, safe driver discounts, and premium credit to policyholders during emergencies. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance company is committed to helping you keep what is rightfully yours.
  5. As an insurance company a large portion of its communication originates from unfavorable circumstances. The company commits to processing your claim quickly through local agents and adjusters and keeps that commitment every single day. They put a lot of effort into gaining your confidence so that you can be confident that you will be treated fairly.

Insurance Coverage Options

1. Florida Farm Bureau Auto Insurance

It can be confusing and challenging to find the most affordable and suitable Florida auto insurance according to your requirements. If you need to file a claim, you should feel confident that your insurance provider will fulfill its commitments, especially if you are shelling out a hefty premium amount. In order to meet your needs, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance can offer a wide variety of auto coverage options [https://floridafarmbureau.com].

Types of Coverage

Types of CoverageWhat does it mean?
Auto Collision CoverageThis covers damage to your vehicle brought on by a collision with another vehicle or object or by a rollover.
Auto Comprehensive Physical Damage CoverageThis covers damage to your car from events other than collisions or rolling it over such as fire, theft, property destruction, and flooding.
Bodily Injury Liability CoverageThis type of coverage pays when an insured person is held responsible for bodily harm or death brought on by your car. Additionally, if you are sued, this coverage will pay for your defense.
Collision CoverageThis covers damage to your covered vehicle caused by a collision with another object or overturns. In addition, while the vehicle is in your possession, the policy will cover any collision losses to any non-owned vehicles or vehicles that you have rented that are not used in the course of your employment or business.
Comprehensive CoverageIt covers loss or damage to your covered vehicle resulting from any incident besides a collision. This covers losses brought on by incidents like fire, theft, windstorm, flooding, and property destruction.

Two coverage additions are included in the personal auto policy at no extra cost.

Types of CoverageWhat does it mean?
1. Pet injury coverage1. This coverage applies to personal auto insurance policies that include collision insurance for at least one vehicle.

2. The coverage limit is $500.

3. If a pet sustains injuries in an accident while a passenger is in the car, reasonable veterinary costs are covered. If a pet eventually dies in a collision while riding in the car, it covers costs such as cremation or disposal.

4. Covers only pets owned by the “insured” or “family member”.

2. Towing and labor costs coverage1. When a vehicle is mechanically disabled, up to $125 in coverage is offered for costs such as fuel delivery, tire changing, or other minor mechanical labor at the breakdown location.

2. Lockout service is provided if the keys are unintentionally locked inside the vehicle, or towing to the closest location for repairing.

Prominent Discounts:

1. Account discount
2. Multi-car discount
3. No moving violation discount
4. loyal customer discount
5. paperless billing and policy discounts
6. Claims free discounts


2. Florida Farm Bureau Home Insurance

Most likely, the biggest investment you will ever make is in your home. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance is available to assist you in protecting your family, your investment, and your assets. In addition to providing personal liability protection for you and your family, homeowners insurance also includes coverage for your home, other structures, personal property, and loss of use.

Homeowners insurance generally guards your property against harm to the building and its contents. The policy also offers other coverage options, but there are also some restrictions and exclusions as well. The following situations are applicable to homeowners’ insurance coverage [https://floridafarmbureau.com].

  1. Your personal property is damaged or stolen, either at home or while you are away.
  2. If you have to leave your home after it has been harmed by an insured peril, additional living expenses may be incurred.
  3. Regardless of fault, medical expenses must be paid to third parties for injuries sustained while on the property.
  4. Personal liability for you or members of your household who live with you due to negligence on or off your property.

3. Other Insurances

a. Life Insurance

You can plan for the best while being ready for the worst with a life insurance policy. Almost everyone can profit in some way from having life insurance to protect their loved ones. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance offers both term and whole life insurance to safeguard the future of your family.

The whole life insurance is permanent and lasts your entire life whereas a term insurance has a specific duration. These policies can help give you the adaptability, dependability, and security you have grown accustomed to.

b. Flood Insurance

Florida’s geography, storm frequency, and close proximity to water both inland and along the coast make flooding a significant risk for the state. It is necessary to purchase flood insurance separately because it is typically not included in a homeowner’s policy. Floods are generally not covered by personal or business property insurance policies.

However, if your community takes part in the National Flood Insurance Program, you can purchase flood insurance for your residence or place of business. Both the home’s structure and personal property are covered by flood insurance in the case of damage.

c. Retirement Planning

When planning for retirement, it is important to identify your financial objectives and the resources required to meet them. Identification of income sources, estimation of expenses, implementation of a savings plan, and management of assets and risk are all components of retirement planning.

Although you can begin at any time, it will work best if you include retirement planning as early as possible in your financial planning. That is the best way to guarantee a secure. Enjoyable and safe retirement. To have all the peace of mind you must actively plan for retirement. The financial security you will need in your retirement years can be provided with the aid of retirement planning.

d. Banking Services

Several safe and secure banking services are offered by Farm Bureau Bank. In addition to offering deposit accounts, Farm Bureau Bank also offers a number of practical services, such as 24/7 Internet banking, online bill payment, credit cards, auto loans, and residential and rural mortgage loans.

Membership Benefits

When you purchase insurance from Farm Bureau Insurance, your Farm Bureau Federation membership [https://floridafarmbureau.com] entitles you to discounts on hotels, entertainment, cars, equipment, healthcare, and much more.

1. Florida Farm Bureau Membership for Hotel Discounts

The participating hotels that are currently giving membership discounts are listed below.

Hotel Names
1. Comfort Inn®
2. Comfort Suites®
3. Quality Inn®
4. Sleep Inn®
5. Clarion®
6. MainStay Suites®
7. Suburban Extended Stay®
8. Rodeway Inn®
9. Econo Lodge®
Hotel NamesBenefits
1. Red Roof InnMembers of the Florida Farm Bureau are eligible for a 15% discount on reservations at participating Red Roof hotels nationwide.
2. Wyndham Hotel GroupMembers of the Florida Farm Bureau receive up to 20% off the best available rate at Wyndham Hotel Group brands.
3. Orlando Employee DiscountsGet up to 35% off your trip to Orlando. You can also get discounts on tickets for Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, etc.
4. La QuintaThe La Quinta Inns & Suites chain discount is available at more than 870 locations nationwide for both business and leisure travel.

2. Florida Farm Bureau Membership for Rental Cars

Farm Bureau members can get discounts and savings from a number of significant rental car agencies all over Florida. Some car rental companies are listed below.

Car Rental Company Names
1. Alamo Rent-A-Car
2. Avis
3. Budget
4. Enterprise
5. National

3. With Farm Bureau Insurance, you can save money on a medical alert system

Seniors are hospitalized for fall-related injuries five times more frequently than for any other reason. If you or a senior family member are concerned about your mobility, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has a great offer to help you stay at home longer and more securely. A keep safe medical personal emergency response system is available to Farm Bureau members at a discount cost of $39.

4. Discounts on Car seats for babies

You can order car seats for $25 and booster seats for $15 if you have an auto policy with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance.

A comparative study of insurance prices of Florida Farm Bureau Insurance and All State Insurance

A comparative study of insurance prices of two different companies i.e. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance and State Farm Insurance based on different categories is represented below.

Different CategoriesFlorida Farm Bureau Insurance Average Annual premiumState Farm Insurance Average Annual premium
Driver with a good credit score$1193$1613
Rates by Violation (Reckless Driving)$1546$2895
Rates by age (30s)$984$2379


To protect you, your home, and your car Florida Farm Bureau Auto Insurance offers a wide collection of coverage options. You can get the coverage you require at a reasonable price by being aware of the variables that affect insurance rates. To ensure protection and peace of mind, keep in mind that it is crucial to customize your policy to meet your specific needs. So don’t wait! Get in touch with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance right away to start enjoying all the benefits offered by the company.

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Florida Farm Bureau Insurance: A Complete Guide to Coverage, Membership Benefits, Online Services, Reviews, and more 2023

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