Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

Can A Router and Modem Be Combined

In the past, setting up an internet connection involved using a stand-alone modem to connect with the internet service provider (ISP). After that, it is connected to a different wireless router to spread the signal throughout the house.

Nowadays modem-router combo devices are available in the market that can be more space-efficient and convenient than a separate modem. Whereas separate modem router device offers more customization and flexibility options. In the end, the decision is based on individual needs and preferences.

 To establish a Wi-Fi network and access the internet, this article explains everything about “Can A Router and Modem Be Combined?”.

What is a Router?

A router is a physical device that connects the modem to every device on the network, including smartphones, computers, smart TVs, and security cameras at home. A router is a type of networking device used to connect different subnetworks or packet-switched networks.

 Its main functions include directing data packets to the correct IP addresses and allowing several devices to connect using a single Internet connection. While there are many different kinds of routers, the majority of them are made to transfer data between wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN).

Best Routers

NETGEAR Nighthawk (RAXE300)

NETGEAR Nighthawk RAXE300 Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024


ASUS RT AX82U AX5400 Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

What is a Modem?

A modem, also known as a modulator-demodulator, is a hardware component used to establish a broadband connection between a device and the Internet. A modem is a communication device that connects digital devices, like computers, to the Internet via fiber optic, cable, or regular phone lines. The modem is the first device to receive signals from your cable internet provider.

Best Modems

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

ARRIS Surfboard S33

ARRIS Surfboard S33 Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

Can A Router and Modem Be Combined?

A modem functions as a link between the web and your local network. Modems, which stand for “modulator-demodulator,” are devices that modulate signals and encode it to digital data to send the data to the recipient.

A modem needs to be compatible with your internet service provider’s infrastructure in order for you to connect it to your router and access the internet. This is the essential part of compatibility with routers. Although it must be compatible, the modem does not need to come from the same internet provider.

How to Connect a Modem and a Router?

Can A Router and Modem Be Combined

Follow the below steps to connect a modem and a router

  • Unplug the power supply of your modem from the wall. After that, use a coaxial cable to connect your modem to the wall.

    If you have cable or fiberoptic service you must attach a coaxial cable to the wall outlet that provides your internet service. You must connect a phone line to your phone’s wall port if you have a DSL modem.

    • Unplug the router’s power cord and attach the other end of your phone line or coaxial cable to the appropriate port on your modem (also known as the WAN port). With this, your modem can now access the internet. Your router’s WAN port might have a different color on the back than the other Ethernet ports.
    • After plugging in the router, connect the power source for the modem to an electrical outlet. Your modem may have more than one light, but the power light is the primary light and is typically green.
    • After your modem and router’s lights turn on, try to connect your computer or mobile device to the Wi-Fi network.

    Pros and Cons of Combined Router and Modem

    Advantages of Modem router combo devices:

    1. Simpler and easier setup

    Compared to setting up a modem and router separately, configuring a cable modem router combo is much simpler. You only need to set it up once to get it working because both parts are contained in one device.

    • Requires less space, only needs one outlet, and has fewer connecting cables:

    A single device uses up much less space, eliminates the unnecessary stuff of a modem and router, and significantly cuts down on the amount of wires and outlets that are required.

    • Easy troubleshooting with a single device:

    Troubleshooting is easier because the cable modem router is all one unit.  A combination cable modem router means you only have one device to troubleshoot rather than two separate devices.

    • Affordable:

    The total cost of a cable modem router combo device will be less than the sum of the individual units’ prices.

    Disadvantages of modem router combo devices:

    1. It’s always challenging to upgrade the modem router combo device.
    2. It’s difficult to diagnose whether the problem is in the router part or modem part.
    3. Whether the problem is in the router or in the modem, you have to replace the whole device, which is very costly.
    4. A modem router combo device offers relatively fewer security features than a separate device.

    NETGEAR Nighthawk Modem Router Combo C7000

    NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

    ARRIS Surfboard G34

    ARRIS Surfboard G34 Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

    Pros and Cons of Separate Router and Modem

    Advantages of separate Router and Modem

    1. Additional settings and customization options:

    As previously stated, you have complete control over how your network is configured. This implies that, instead of your ISP, you are in charge of managing firmware updates and settings.

    • Simpler to upgrade your home network:

    Installing an independent router makes it easier to upgrade your home network because you can do so whenever you’d like. You have the option to upgrade to a more powerful router, which can enhance the performance of your network, even though it can be expensive.

    • Router Placement:

    When the router and modem are separate devices, you can move the router to a more convenient spot that works for you.

    • Affordable:

    Buying a combination device can save money compared to buying a separate modem and router.

    • Improved security features:

    Separate modem and router features improved security features like VPN, WPA3 encryption, firewalls, etc.

    Disadvantages of separate Router and Modem

    1. It can be troublesome and take up a lot of space to have two hardware pieces.
    2. Needs a large number of outlets as well as cables and wires.
    3. The installation and setup procedure is more difficult than the combo device.

    What Are the Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Modem Router Combo or Separate Modem and Router Devices?

    While purchasing the modem router combo or separate modem and router devices consider the following factors:

    1. Functionality: Due to the modem router combo’s integration of two devices into one, transfer speed and signal strength will unavoidably be compromised. Convenience is given precedence over excellent performance in these combo devices. However, in an ongoing battle to provide faster speeds and greater coverage, router manufacturers are able to produce high-end routers that are more advanced than any combo device.
    2. Cost: Just like their speeds, different devices have very different costs. It could cost more to purchase two different devices than to purchase a modem/router combo.
    3. Installation Process: Because a modem router combo device combines router and modem functions into one unit, setup is significantly easier. This implies that the setup procedure only needs to be accomplished once. In separate models, the router and modem must be configured independently, which can be difficult and time-consuming.
    4. Compatibility: Before buying a modem/router combo, make sure it is compatible with your ISP. Not all of them do. On the other hand, compatibility with all ISPs is guaranteed when using separate modem and router setups.


    If you want an easy setup and have a small number of connected devices, a modem-router combo might be the best option. Separate modem and router, however, might be a better choice if a large number of devices need to be connected to the network. When making the choice, take into account things like functionality, cost, compatibility of the devices, your level of technical expertise, your budget, the availability of space, the degree of customization you want, and the performance requirements of your network.


    1. Can I use the modem and router together?

    Yes, you can use a modem and a router together. For home networks, this is a standard configuration. The modem receives the internet signal after establishing a connection with your ISP. The router establishes a local network in your house by connecting to the modem. Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables are used to connect devices (such as PCs, cellphones, and smart TVs) to the router.

    2. Do I need a modem if I have a router?

    For your devices to receive an internet connection, a router needs to be linked to the modem. These days, some devices perform both router and modem functions. As a result, when configuring your home internet connection, you won’t need to buy a separate modem and router.

    3. Is it OK to have 2 routers on one modem?

    Yes, you can use two routers with a single modem and it can enhance the coverage and performance of the network. If your primary router has limited ports, by adding a second router, you can give your wired devices more connectivity. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the modem and main router. A LAN port on the primary router can be connected to a LAN port on the secondary router using an Ethernet cable. Your network will now be expanded by the secondary router.

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    Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

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