Best Wifi Router for Smart Home: Enhance Your Smart Home Setup 2024

Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

With the rise of home automation, having a stable and reliable router that can connect and control these devices efficiently and without interruptions has become extremely important.

A router that features a fast, stable internet connection and doesn’t lag or interfere with other devices is perfect for smart homes. But it’s not always simple to pick the best option from the wide range of options on the market.

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Model NameSmart FeaturesAmazon Link
TP-Link Archer AX21Dual-band Wifi 6,
1.8Gbps Wifi speed,
PPTP, Open VPN servers,
OFDMA, beamforming,
WPA2/WPA3 security
Best price
ASUS RT-AX3000Dual-band Wifi 6,
3 Gbps Wifi speed,
WPA/WPA2 security
Best price
ASUS RT-AX1800SDual-band Wifi 6,
1.8 Gbps Wifi speed,
Best price
TP-Link Archer AX10Tri-core CPU,
Dual-band Wifi 6,
1.5 Gbps Wifi speed,
OFDMA, MU-MIMO, beamforming,
Best price
ASUS RT-AX55Dual-band Wifi 6,
1.8 Gbps Wifi speed,
beamforming, WPA/WPA2 security
Best price
NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX1206 Gbps Wifi speed,
Dynamic QoS, 1024-QAM, Beamforming,
VPN, WPA/WPA2 security
Best price
TP-Link Archer GX90Dual-band Wifi 6,
1.8Gbps Wifi speed,
PPTP, Open VPN servers,
OFDMA, beamforming,
WPA2/WPA3 security,
4804 Mbbps Wifi speed,
1.5 GHz quad-core CPU
Best price

Are You in A Hurry? This Is The Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

If you are in a hurry and confused about the best wifi router for smart home then select TP-Link Archer AX21 or, ASUS RT-AX3000, as these routers provide excellent wireless speed, wide coverage area with advanced features like MU-MIMO, OFDMA, Alexa compatibility, WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, parental control, etc. for a smart home.

Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

TP-Link Archer AX21

Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

The TP-Link Archer AX21 is a great option for you if you’re looking for the best Wifi router for smart home.

This router combines innovation and security. Its main goal is to maintain the security of your network and devices and it supports both PPTP and Open VPN servers.

And how about speed? With a potent CPU and Dual-Band WiFi 6 technology, you can experience the best possible buffer-free WiFi experience with speeds up to 1.8 Gbps.

 Playing games on several connected devices and streaming your preferred 4K/HD content? The Archer AX21 offers coverage and connectivity in addition to speed and security. With the innovative OFDMA technology, performance is maintained while supporting a greater number of devices.

With beamforming technology and four high-gain antennas that guarantee a strong, reliable signal and an extensive coverage throughout your smart home.

It also helps in seamless integration of your smart home with Alexa compatibility. Furthermore, an additional layer of security is added by the sophisticated WPA3 Security, guaranteeing that your network is safe from any threats. The TP-Link Archer AX21 is more than just a router, it is a fast, secure, and seamlessly connected gateway to a smart home experience.


  1. Amazing performance
  2. Better range coverage
  3. User-friendly app
  4. Affordable
  5. Built-in VPN server


  1. Lacks advanced features
  2. No multi-gig ports


Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

For those looking for the best Wifi router for smart home, the ASUS RT-AX3000 is a revolutionary device. Its 3000-square foot coverage and next-generation WiFi 6 technology ensure flawless connectivity in every corner of your tech-filled haven.

What makes it unique? With OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology, this router’s dual-band WiFi can support a wide variety of devices with little interruption, making it an ideal choice for smart homes with lots of devices.

With a 3 Gbps WiFi speed, the RT-AX3000 can easily manage multiple devices at once without sacrificing performance. With its advanced technology, bandwidth prioritization, and high-quality hardware, every connected device is guaranteed a seamless experience.

Alexa voice control makes managing your WiFi settings a wonderful experience.  It also offers parental controls and sophisticated WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, strengthening your smart home setup’s security. The ASUS RT-AX3000 is a powerful option for those looking for better performance, wide coverage, and intelligent integration in their home television.


  1. Newest Wifi 6 technology
  2. Advanced features
  3. Amazing speed
  4. Advanced security features
  5. Simple set up


  1. Dual-band only
  2. 1 USB port only
  3. No multi-gig port


Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

First of all, with its New-Gen WiFi 6 standard, this router ASUS RT-AX1800S is all about the future. For your smart home, what does that mean?

Efficiency? It is an expert at managing numerous devices at once, guaranteeing improved channel allocation and communication with its support for MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies.

However, wireless connections are not the only factor. With its four ethernet ports, the RT-AX1800S is a versatile option that’s ideal for connecting wired devices to stationary ones. It’s also ready for high-performance networking with its dual-core processor and four external antennas.

With WiFi speeds reaching up to 1.8 Gbps, this router doesn’t slow down. Gaming, smart home automation, and 4K streaming are all expertly managed and go without a hitch.

Not just a router, the ASUS RT-AX1800S serves as the foundation of a smart home. With its unique combination of advanced technology, effective connectivity, and adaptable ports, it’s a great option for anyone dreaming of a smart home.


  1. Newest WiFi 6
  2. Faster WiFi speed
  3. Affordable
  4. Advanced features
  5. Compact design


  1. Some features need subscription

TP-Link Archer AX10

Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

For those looking for the best Wifi router for smart home, this is an excellent option.

Its WiFi 6 technology TP-Link Archer AX10is all about the latest and excellent features available in the market. Up to 1.5 Gbps of high-speed connections are guaranteed by dual-band capabilities.

But this router’s potent tri-core CPU is what makes it stand out. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or managing a multitude of smart devices, buffer-free connectivity between your router and all connected devices is guaranteed.

This router TP-Link Archer AX10 is intelligent in addition to being faster. It balances the traffic from several devices at once using MU-MIMO and OFDMA, which lowers delay and guarantees a steady flow of data.  Additionally, it adjusts and focuses the signal strength exactly where you need it most with beamforming technology and four antennas.

Its support for the newest AX technology found in phones, laptops, and other smart devices, along with its compatibility with all WiFi-enabled devices, is what makes the difference. The TP-Link Archer AX10 is a good option for those looking to equip their smart home setup with lightning-fast, dependable connectivity.


  1. Tri-core CPU
  2. Amazing WiFi speed
  3. Advanced features like MU-MIMO and OFDMA


  1. Does not support 160 MHz channel width
  2. No multi-gig ports


Best Wifi Router for Smart Home

To begin with, with the most recent WiFi 6 standard, everything is focused on the future. With a maximum coverage area of up to 3000 square feet, this router ASUS RT-AX55makes sure that every area of your house is connected.

But speed is also an important factor to consider. Enjoy lightning-fast WiFi up to 1.8 Gbps, which makes it easy to stream, game, and manage all of your smart devices.

RT-AX55 is not only fast but also intelligent. Its 1.5GHz quad-core processor facilitates smooth connectivity by establishing communication between your router and numerous devices. By employing both OFDMA and MU-MIMO techniques, it effectively distributes channels and communicates with devices at the same time, decreasing delay and increasing efficiency.

Are you worried about security? Your family and devices are protected with advanced WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, parental controls, and guest access.

The cherry on top is that voice commands can be used to control WiFi settings with Alexa’s seamless integration. The best Wifi router for smart home is the ASUS RT-AX55, which offers exceptional speed, range, security, and smart integration.


  1. Quad core processor
  2. Advanced security features and parental control
  3. WiFi 6
  4. User-friendly app


  1. No USB port
  2. Poor speed on 2.4 GHz band

NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX120

NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX120 3 Best Wifi Router for Smart Home: Enhance Your Smart Home Setup 2024

For those looking for the best possible smart home WiFi experience, the NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX120 is truly innovative. With its WiFi 6 technology, all of your smart devices will have faster connectivity thanks to its incredible 6 Gbps speed.

How does this router differ from others? This WiFi system is not only faster, but also highly advanced, featuring features like OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Dynamic QoS, 1024-QAM, and Beamforming. These features ensure effective channel allocation, minimal response time, and a smooth connection for up to 30 smart devices across 12 WiFi streams.

Want to be adaptable? With five wired ethernet ports, a quad-core processor operating at 2.2 GHz, and support for WPA2/WPA3 wireless security protocols, this router offers you speed and security all at once. For increased convenience and security, it features guest WiFi secure access, VPN capabilities, and personal cloud storage.

Additionally, its smart integration with Amazon Alexa Voice Control should not be overlooked. Easily manage your network with Smart Connect for one WiFi name.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX120 is the best Wifi router for smart home that is well worth taking into consideration for anyone looking to equip their smart home setup with superior performance, dependability, cutting-edge features, and smart integration.


  1. Simple installation
  2. Amazing performance
  3. 5 GbE port


  1. Expensive
  2. Limited parental control

TP-Link Archer GX90

TP Link Archer GX90 Best Wifi Router for Smart Home: Enhance Your Smart Home Setup 2024

For all of your smart home fantasies, the TP-Link Archer GX90 is the ultimate WiFi powerhouse. With the newest Wi-Fi 6 and OFDMA technology, you can connect up to 100 devices at once. This tri-band gigabit router covers a 4-bedroom house with ease, providing lightning-fast internet to every corner of your space at an amazing 4804 Mbps WiFi speed.

The coverage area of a router is just as important as speed. Strong signal strength throughout your house is ensured by those detachable high-performance antennas, beamforming, and high-power FEM. Furthermore, you get stable and reliable WiFi coverage thanks to 4T4R technology, guaranteeing seamless connectivity.

Additionally, the Archer GX90 doesn’t compromise the quality of multitasking. To prevent lag or interruptions, OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology work together to deliver data to multiple devices simultaneously. It’s a multitasking wizard that can easily handle all of your smart home needs with its 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU.

Its support for PPTP and OpenVPN guarantees network security for those who require it. Additionally, five ethernet ports guarantee that connecting your wired devices is simple.


  1. Easy installation
  2. Gamer friendly interface
  3. Lifetime parental control and network security
  4. Excellent performance


  1. Expensive
  2. Non adjustable antennas

What are the factors to consider while selecting the Best Wifi Router for Smart Home?

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best Wifi router for smart home. These are a few of the most significant ones:

Compatibility with ISP:

Check if the wireless router is compatible with your internet service provider to get the greatest Wi-Fi signal.

Wireless range:

Verify the router’s wireless range and think about purchasing Wi-Fi extenders to increase it.

Additional features:

Search for additional features like Alexa compatibility, cloud-based antivirus, parental control, VPN, etc.

Wireless standards:

For faster Wi-Fi speeds, check whether the router is compatible with the most recent wireless standards, such as Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ac.

Router lifespan: Remember that networking hardware is not unbreakable. When making a purchase, take the router’s lifespan into consideration.


  1. What signs indicate that it’s time to upgrade the router?

The following indications suggest that it’s time to update your router:

  • if the router you have is older than five years
  • if the internet speed you are paying for isn’t reaching its maximum potential
  • if devices on your network are routinely disconnected by your router
  • if there is insufficient Wi-Fi coverage provided by your router
  • if your router gets too hot to the touch
  • if it is not receiving updates

2. What is the definition of voice control in smart devices?

Voice control is a feature that lets users use voice commands to interact with their devices. This particular voice user interface (VUI) interprets spoken commands and provides answers to questions by using speech recognition technology. There are many things you can do with voice control, like opening apps, browsing the web, changing windows, and more.

3. What is a smart home?

A smart home is a modern home setup that makes use of technology to automate and simplify household chores like lighting, temperature control, and security system management. Smart homes have linked devices that can be operated from a distance with an internet-connected smartphone or tablet. Hardwired or wireless systems can be used to set up smart homes. Wireless systems are very cost-effective and simpler to install than the wired systems.

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Best Wifi Router for Smart Home: Enhance Your Smart Home Setup 2024
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