Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House: Choose The Perfect One

Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

It can be difficult to establish a fast internet connection throughout a large house that is 5,000 square feet. Since there are many floors, thick walls, and numerous devices that need to connect both inside and outside, the situation only gets worse. In this situation getting a mesh system that is appropriate for big houses makes sense, then.

Because there isn’t a wireless router available that can cover 5,000 square feet. It can accommodate 3,500 square feet at most. Read the full post and select the Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House.

Model NameSpeedRangeLink
TP-Link Deco XE755.4 Gbps5500 sq ftBest price
Netgear Orbi RBK8526 Gbps5000 sq ftBest price
NETGEAR Orbi (RBK752)4.2 Gbps5000 sq ftBest price
Linksys MX10600 Velop AX5.3 Gbps5000 sq ftBest price
Tenda AX3000 Mesh WiFi 6 System Nova MX122976 Mbps5000 sq ftBest price

Are You in A Hurry? This Is The Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

If you are in a hurry and confused about the best wifi router for 5000 sq ft house then select TP-Link Deco XE75 Or Netgear Orbi RBK852 as these routers provide excellent wireless speed, wide coverage area with advanced security features for home office connectivity.

Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

TP-Link Deco XE75

Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

The TP-Link Deco XE75 is a perfect choice for delivering the best WiFi experience in a large 5000 square foot home. Some excellent features make this router such a good choice for people looking for best wifi router for 5000 sq ft house.

Let’s talk about speed first. This router features WiFi 6E Tri-Band Mesh technology, which uses the newest WiFi 6 GHz Band. The three WiFi bands are operating in sync to deliver incredible speeds of up to 5.4 Gbps.

This indicates that there is sufficient bandwidth to support up to 200 devices at once, regardless of whether you are streaming, gaming, or holding a video conference. Yes, even with a home full of devices, there won’t be any more lag or buffering.

Coverage? The Deco XE75‘s two units work together to cover 5500 square feet with WiFi, making sure that every corner of your house has constant access. Where ever you go, from the spacious backyard to the comfortable bedroom, you’ll always have a reliable, consistent, and strong signal.

Do you need to plug in? Not a problem. You can connect your devices directly for optimal speed and dependability thanks to the considerable six wired ethernet ports.

However, the hassle-free setup is what makes the difference. It’s so easy to set up and operate this powerhouse because of the Deco App. Even non-techies will find this process to be simple and easy to follow.


  1. Tri-band router
  2. Mesh technology
  3. Built-in VPN tool
  4. Six ethernet ports


  1. Subscription locked features
  2. Limited number of streams

Netgear Orbi RBK852

Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

Are you searching for the best mesh WiFi system for your large 5000 square foot house? The Netgear Orbi RBK852 is a top option for people looking for the best wifi router for 5000 sq ft house.

Speaking of coverage, this router ensures that every area of your house is a WiFi hotspot, covering 5000 square feet with its strong signal.

Do you need more speed? With each additional satellite, you can expand coverage by an additional 2500 square feet, giving you the freedom to customize your network to fit the specific design of your house. Even in a home full of gadgets, this router remains cool and efficient, supporting up to 100 devices.

Not only does the Orbi RBK852 provide speed, but it also offers lightning-fast WiFi 6 technology, reaching wifi speeds up to 6 Gbps. Whether you want to stream, play games, or make video calls, this router can handle all of your internet demands without letting you down.

However, you can also go wired for optimal speed and stability; there are four Gigabit Ethernet ports on both the router and each satellite. So, it’s not just about wireless connections.

The effortless setup and management via the Orbi app is what makes the difference. Its intuitive interface makes network configuration simple for both experienced and novice users.


  1. Amazing speed
  2. Wide coverage area
  3. User-friendly app
  4. 4 LAN ports
  5. Multi-gig WAN


  1. Subscription locked features
  2. No parental control, QoS feature


Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

The NETGEAR Orbi RBK752 is a WiFi router that is worth considering if you’re looking for the best wifi router for 5000 sq ft house.

This router meets the demands of larger homes by providing a strong, stable, and reliable signal that covers an area of up to 5000 square feet. Furthermore, each extra satellite covers an additional 2500 square feet, so you can increase the range and ensure flawless connectivity everywhere. With support for up to 40 devices, it manages several gadgets with ease and without compromising on performance.

From the speed point of view, this router NETGEAR Orbi RBK752, equipped with WiFi 6 technology, offers blazingly fast speeds of up to 4.2 Gbps, making video calls, gaming, and streaming effortless, even when multiple devices are operating at once.

Do you require wired connections? With three Gigabit Ethernet ports on the router and two on the satellite, you can choose to go wired for optimal speed and stability.

The Orbi app simplifies management and setup. Because of its user-friendly interface, network configuration is simplified and made accessible to users from entry-level to expertise levels.


  1. Multiple device support at once
  2. Faster speed
  3. User-friendly app
  4. Multi-gig internet support
  5. Built-in VPN server


  1. Some security features need subscription
  2. Free parental control not availble

Linksys MX10600 Velop AX

Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

With its whole-home mesh coverage system and Wi-Fi 6 speeds, this router Linksys MX10600 Velop AX makes sure every square inch of your spacious home has high-speed connectivity. In terms of speed, get ready for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity at up to 5.3 Gbps, which is perfect for demanding tasks like 4K streaming and intense gaming sessions.

 It’s effortless handling of more than 100 devices is what’s amazing. Even in the busiest smart home configurations, network congestion can be eliminated.

It’s important to have reliable, continuous coverage across your whole area rather than just speed. You can count on flawless gaming and streaming experiences whether you’re hosting a backyard movie night or binge-watching in the basement.

When it comes to high-performance, whole-home coverage, and speed, the Linksys MX10600 Velop AX is the best option available for anyone looking for the best wifi router for 5000 sq ft house.


  1. Simple installation process
  2. Amazing performance
  3. 4 Ethernet ports


  1. Lacks multi-gig WAN ports
  2. Expensive
  3. Short on parental control

Tenda AX3000 Mesh WiFi 6 System Nova MX12

Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House

With speeds of up to 2976Mbps, this dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router Tenda AX3000 Mesh WiFi 6 System Nova MX12 offers blazingly fast performance. This implies uninterrupted gaming, streaming, and browsing throughout your whole area.

And protection? With whole-home coverage that can cover an area of up to 5000 square feet, it has you covered. Your house will have a reliable and consistent, fast connection throughout with no dead spots.

This router stands out for its technologically advanced features. With more than 160 devices connected, it guarantees a lag-free experience with its MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology. Additionally, WPA3 encryption protects your devices and network from possible cyber threats, providing peace of mind in the modern digital world.

This user-friendly app Tenda Wi-Fi Application makes network setup, monitoring, and management smooth and flexible. Looking for the best wifi router for 5000 sq ft house Look no further this router Tenda AX3000 Mesh WiFi 6 System Nova MX12 offers the ideal balance of high performance, security, and user-friendliness.


  1. Strong signal strength
  2. 2. Wide coverage area
  3. User-friendly app
  4. Advanced features

What are the factors to consider while selecting the Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the ideal WiFi router for a 5000 square foot home. These are the few of the most significant ones:

Coverage area:

There shouldn’t be any dead zones throughout the entire house with the router. You should search for routers with a minimum 5000 square foot coverage area for a 5000 square foot home.


All connected devices should be able to use the internet the quickly through the router. Choose routers with 802.11ac or Wi-Fi 6 for high-speed internet access.

Number of devices:

There should be no time delay or buffering when the router is handling several devices at once. Choose routers that have a lot of device support, such as 25 devices or more.


To shield your network from online attacks, the router needs to have strong security features. Select routers with features like parental controls, VPN support, and WPA3 encryption.

User-friendly interface:

The router should be simple to set up and easy to operate. Find routers with mobile apps and user-friendly interfaces.


  1. Which is better, a mesh WiFi system or a router plus extender?

The primary reason why mesh systems are preferable to router plus extender is the way they function. When an extender communicates with the router using the same node that it does with the clients there are chances of speed drops. Mesh routers, on the other hand, are more reliable because they send signals to the nodes, which are then forwarded to the client devices.

2. What is the standard cost of a Wi-Fi router?

Though some incredibly affordable models are available for closer to $50, entry-level Wi-Fi routers typically cost around $100. Mesh systems typically cost $200, and high-performance gaming routers in the $400–$500 range are available in the market.

3. How much should a router cost?

The cost of a router generally depends on the requirements and the number of devices and users connecting, sizer of the house or apartment. Based on the above factors, a well-reviewed dual-band router costs about $100. If your house is bigger then, investing more in a mesh system that can distribute data at more constant speeds throughout your house is worthwhile. Upgrading to a high-speed tri-band router, for example, is probably a smart investment if you share bandwidth with multiple roommates or family members, work from home, or play online games.

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Best Wifi Router For 5000 Sq Ft House: Choose The Perfect One

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