2023 Best Free AI Tools for Content Creation, Academic Writing, Marketing & Social Media

Free AI Tools

To enhance your productivity and to make life easier get to know about these free AI tools for content creation, academic writing, marketing, and social media.


The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has accelerated in recent years. AI is being used more and more frequently in all parts of society as the world’s technological development progresses. AI tools are enhancing our quality of life and increasing our productivity in a variety of fields, including healthcare, finance, education, and entertainment.

These tools have the power to improve productivity, enable better decisions, and pave the way for fresh ideas. AI tools have a wide range of applications. They can carry out more difficult tasks that were previously the domain of humans, such as automating routine tasks, processing massive amounts of data, and drawing conclusions.

These tools have revolutionized a number of industries by acting as important allied powers in the resolution of challenging issues and the simplification of procedures. These innovations also make it possible to improve medical diagnoses, make data-driven business decisions, and personalize customer interactions.

Unfortunately, not all of the excellent tools available for AI are free. The best free AI tools for content creation, academic writing, affiliate marketing, social media, etc., are discussed here.

Free AI Tools

Free AI Tools for Content Creation

1. copy.ai

In the year 2020, Mr. Paul Yacoubian founded the copy.ai tool. This free AI tool utilizes the most sophisticated language prediction model, GPT-3. Teams looking to streamline their content creation process can use the copy.ai text generator. Simply enter your content type, add some context, and lightly edit the results to create brand guidelines, blogs, or marketing strategies.

You can quickly create content to achieve your marketing or business objectives using this free AI too for content generation. These free AI tools can also be used to create product descriptions, AI copy for online ads and websites, sales copy, blogs, social media posts, emails, etc.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
copy.ai Content Creators 1. Creates a complete blog post using the title of your post and primary keyword.2. Any passive sentence can be converted to an active sentence.3. Used to create Email subject lines that promote the company’s name, goods, and services.4. You can access a ton of content by typing a topic name. 1. The only language supported by copy.ai’s free plan is English.2. The history tab is not available.3. User interface is incredibly sluggish. 2,000 Words/Month
90+ Tools
Chat by Copy.ai

2. simplified.com

In 2020, Mr. KD Deshpande established the AI tool simplified.com. This program serves as a one-stop shop for creating, editing, and publishing written and visual content. Using this free artificial intelligence writer you can create powerful books, blog posts, articles, and essays. Other exciting features of this tool include the long-form content generator, AI image generator, Brand kit, and a few quick AI design tools.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
simplified.com Content Writers 1. Modern user interface design2. You can create content in 30+ languages.3. Integrated with the Grammarly app, to check grammar, spelling, etc., instantly.4. 70+ AI templates are available.

5. Impressive Quick AI Tools

6. Good Quality Results

1. Average long-form content 3,000 Words/Month
Long-form & Short-form Content

3. rytr.me

Mr. Abhi Godara established the well-known AI content writer rytr.me in April 2022. This tool is best for newbies. It utilizes the most recent GPT-3 language prediction model. You can write content using rytr.me in more than 35 different languages and 22 different writing tones.

A few of Rytr’s distinctive features include the magic command tool, landing page generator, and built-in plagiarism checker, etc. This AI text-generation tool is used and adored by more than a million content writers, copywriters, marketers, and business owners from some of the most well-known brands in the world.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
rytr.me Content Creators 1. It provides a modern user interface.2. Offers sufficient word limits for free users.3. It provides magic command tools which can generate any content by using prompts.4. Built-in plagiarism detection

5. Creates an excellent SEO content list by a given primary keyword.

1. You can not generate long-form content.2. No blog intro tool is provided here.3. Sometimes the contents are incomplete and inaccurate. 5,000 Characters/Month
30+ Templates
Plagiarism Checker
30+ Languages

4. writecream

Mr. Kritten Kalra founded the writecream AI content creation tool in 2021. It is an AI content writing tool that offers a spotless long-form editor with a variety of formatting options. With the help of this tool, you create high-quality content for your blogs, advertisements, social media, websites, emails, etc.

You can compose complete articles as if you were working in Google Docs or another expert text editor. Additionally, this AI writing assistant offers extra tools like “expand“, “rewrite”, “paraphrase”, or ”write more” while highlighting any word inside the editor. The AI writer from Writercream makes it simple and easy to write and edit your text.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
writecream Content writer and blogger 1. The blogging tools are really nice.2. Offers two long-form content generation tools i.e., instant article writer and guided article writer.3. Supports 75+ languages. 1. Tone setting option is not provided to the long-form editor.2. Provides old and outdated user interface.3. Provides average output. 40,000 Characters/Month
75+ Languages
Plagiarism Checker
AI Art

5. Contentbot.ai

Undoubtedly one of the top companies in the field is Contentbot.ai. They continuously innovate and steer the sector in new directions that are advantageous to content marketers, agencies, and founders. For both short- and long-form content Contentbot.ai is fantastic.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
Contentbot.ai Bloggers and content marketers 1. It can produce AI content directly on WordPress.2. Offers AI paraphrasing tool.3. Full blogs can be directly delivered to your email inbox. 1. You have to pay more to get more facilities for this AI tool. 5000 free words/monthFreely access any features in the platform

6. writesonic

It is one of the top companies in the AI writing sector, and many content marketing strategists use it. Additionally, writesonic uses the GPT-3 language learning model as part of its artificial intelligence technology for content generation, enabling you to create new content with just the click of a button.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
writesonic Blogger and writer 1. Provides grammar checker, paraphraser, and readability checker.2. Compose an excellent intro, content, and conclusion for a blog post. 1. Produces average long-form content. 25000 words/month in economy word quality and 2500 words /month in premium quality80+ content templatesLanding page generator

Free AI Tools for Academic Writing

Academic writing is a standardized way of sharing and transmitting text-based information that is governed by international standards. It is a formal form of writing that is used in scholarly publications and in educational institutions. The most typical form of academic writing includes articles, academic papers, case study, etc.

1. jenni.ai

  1. When you start a new project Jenni always ask you if you are a content creator or a student writing an academic essay.
  2. Jenni will then assist you in the writing process while personalizing the tone.
  3. The free plan includes 2000 words per month, or two blog posts, after which the price increases.
Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
jenni.ai Academic Writer 1. This is an efficient tool that saves the time required for writing a research paper.2. Improve the writing quality.3. Offers customization and personalization offers.4. Offers sharing feature which allows multiple users to work on the same project. 1. Limited creativity and originality2. Cost of the subscription is an issue for students with a tight budget.3. This tool may have privacy issues.4. This tool requires an internet connection to operate. 2000 words/monthOr, 2 blog post

2. textcortex

  1. textcortex guarantees to help you save time and produce optimized and original content, regardless of what kind of content you need to write an essay, blog, research paper, etc.
  2. To get the AI to do something for you, just ask Zeno, the assistant. Textcortex is extremely user-friendly and can be used by people with no prior technical knowledge.
  3. Users of Textcortex have access to 60+ templates, and it is integrated with more than 4000 websites. The users are also free to use all of Textcortex’s features in more than 25 languages.
Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
textcortex Essay Writer 1. Rewrite the sentence with simple, fluent words with creative sentence structure.2. It can summarize long sentences.3. It can include a formal tone for essay writing.4. Supports 25+ languages.

5. This tool can be easily setup and is simple to use.

1. lacks the fact-checking feature. 50 free creations

3. writefull

writefull was created by a group of PhDs in linguistics and AI. At prestigious universities like Havard, Stanford, and Columbia, students use this tool to sharpen their writing skills. You can use writefull to access a variety of writing tools, such as a paraphraser, abstract generator, title generator, and database of academic texts.

Tool Link Best for Advantages Disadvantages Free Plans
writefull Academic writers 1. Helps in creating titles, abstracts, etc.2. This tool helps in citing a source and provides references.3. Forever Free plan helps students improve their writing without spending single money. 1. Only supports word and overleaf.2. No robust browser-based app. You can use writefull with a free forever plan.

Free AI Tools for Marketing

1. Forms.app

  1. A web-based tool called Forms.app enables users to make forems, surveys, and quizzes online. Users can tell the AI what kind of survey they want and let it create new forms and surveys using the new AI feature on Forms.app
  2. This free AI tool is also used to generate questions and their responses.
  3. For the AI feature, Forms.app doesn’t charge users any extra money. Users can easily create surveys and forms by using its user-friendly interface.
  4. Forms.app also provides more than 1000 ready-made templates so that you can create forms and surveys in minutes without any prior coding experience.
  5. This free AI tool features also include advanced AI, conditional logic, money acceptance, signature collection, and signature gathering, etc.

2. Bing AI

This free AI tool you will undoubtedly need everywhere in your business life is a search engine. You can have a novel experience with Bing AI, which is a recently released search engine from Microsoft.

3. Semrush

All type of businesses, either it is big or small, should have Semrush because it is an all-inclusive marketing tool. Semrush mainly provides marketing insights, keyword research, SEO, competitive analysis, and content marketing to its clients. This free AI tool enhances the user experience by integrating AI into many of its services.

4. Yotpo

  1. Check out Yotp if you want to increase the amount of user generated content (UGC) that you use in your marketing campaigns. It is an excellent AI tool for ecommerce brands, and many well-known companies.
  2. The main feature of Yopto is its assistance in gathering user-written reviews for businesses. It can collect and present user content by utilizing AI.it also highlights the best customer reviews.
  3. Customers can also receive loyalty points for leaving reviews. To make it simpler for the customer you can suggest relevant review topics that AI has identified as being relevant. These review topics are suggested based on the past reviews and purchase history.

Again, as recommended by machine learning, these review requests will be sent at the most advantageous times. You can then request that customers include photos with their reviews so that they appear on your company website, which will further enhance their persuasiveness and authenticity.

5. Beacons

  1. Beacons is designed to assist content creators in managing their businesses more effectively by using a single platform.
  2. With its impressive link-in-bio functionality, it is a preferred option for millions of creators in a variety of specialized markets.
  3. Simply put, this tool creates emails before you even have a chance to check the new emails from the previous hour. What makes it so helpful is that it combines the information Beacons has about you with the information about the recipient to produce a polished email with the appropriate tone and pitch. The end result is personalized emails with much higher conversion rates.
  4. A free forever plan is available from Beacons for developing content creators.

Free AI Tools for Social Media

1. Wordtune

1.If you perform LinkedIn monologues or, you are a fan of lengthy social media posts or, you are trying to say something but finding it difficult to say it correctly then Wordtune might be the right choice for you.

  1. Wordtune takes your text and changes the tones throughout.
  2. It can change the size of your paragraphs, add or takeaway, or rewrite entire paragraphs.

2. Riffusion

  1. Riffusion produces unique audio content in response to your commands.
  2. Imagine you are creating a reel but are having trouble finding the precise audio. With Riffusion, it is now possible to create the exact song you were looking for, add the audio to your video, and upload it normally.

3. Murf

  1. If you make short videos or online video advertisements, you might need a voice-over. It can be expensive to hire an actor, but performing yourself can be embarrassing. Athen Murf is the best option 2. for you. This free AI voice generator tha creates flawless and customized voiceovers.

Murf can produce audio that conveys a particular tone or mood.

  1. This free AI tool can adapt it to your needs because it has more than 120 voices in 20+ languages.

4. Peech

Peech is generative AI video editing software that can automatically translate, edit, repurpose, and brand your video content. Pitch creates high-quality video content using NLP technology so you can scale your video efforts.

It can identify the members of your team and display a title card whenever they appear. Alternatively, you could have your video content automatically transcribed so you can use it for blogs or captions. Without any prior experience with video editing, Peech makes it simple to brand and enjoy

Without any prior experience with video editing, Peech makes it simple to brand and edit video content.


In this article, a variety of must-try best free AI tools are suggested for content creation, academic writing, social media and marketing purpose.  These free AI tools can truly level up your efficiency and productivity. From smart assistants that can manage your tasks to video editing tools that can bring your creativity to life, the possibilities are endless.

With these Free AI Tools by your side, you’ll find yourself saving time, making better decisions, and achieving more in both your personal and professional endeavors. Embracing these technologies doesn’t mean replacing human efforts; rather, it’s about complementing our skills and getting a helping hand from the AI wizards.

So, go ahead and give these tools a try – after all, they’re free! Let’s embrace the power of AI and take a step into the future, where efficiency, humor, and success all come together to create a splendid dance of productivity.

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2023 Best Free AI Tools for Content Creation, Academic Writing, Marketing & Social Media

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