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I am Dr. Shrabani Sahu, a sincere and self-motivated person with 5 years of experience in the research and writing field. I completed my Ph.D. in the engineering field from VSSUT Burla, India, in 2023. I have also published many SCOPUS-indexed journal and conference papers.

How To Create a Mesh Network with Two Routers? A Detailed Explanation 2024

Are you having trouble with your Wi-Fi signal in some areas of your house or place of work? or just want to let multiple devices connect to the internet simultaneously? You can increase the reach of your network by “bridging” your existing router with a second router that supports WDS. This article provides a detailed […]

How To Setup A Mesh Network with Old Routers? A Clear Idea 2024

If you reside in a larger home or have dead spots throughout most of the places then, in order to guarantee a strong connection in every room of your house, it is highly recommended to upgrade to one of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems. The purpose of mesh WiFi systems is to take the place […]

How To Set Up Mesh WiFi with An Existing Router ? A Step-by-step Guide 2024

Buying a new router usually means replacing the old one completely, whether it’s a traditional stand-alone model or a network of mesh nodes. However, there are situations in which you might need or wish to maintain the functionality of your outdated router. If you need an answer to the question ” whether you can add […]

How Do Routers and Modems Work Together? A Complete Answer 2024

The definition of a router, how it differs from a modem, and how it connects you to the internet are all covered in this article. This article explains “How Do Routers and Modems Work Together?”. What Is a Modem? A modem, also known as a “Modulator-Demodulator,” is a device that uses a physical connection to […]

Do Routers Have to Be Compatible with Modems? A Complete Guide 2024

The modem is a networking device that connects your home network to your internet service provider (ISP). The router creates a local area network (LAN) to connect several home networking devices to the internet via a modem. Then the question arises, ” Do Routers have to Be Compatible with Modems? “. Actually, it’s pretty easy. […]

Can A Router and Modem Be Combined? Get a Clear Idea 2024

In the past, setting up an internet connection involved using a stand-alone modem to connect with the internet service provider (ISP). After that, it is connected to a different wireless router to spread the signal throughout the house. Nowadays modem-router combo devices are available in the market that can be more space-efficient and convenient than […]

Can I Use WiFi Router As Extender? A Complete Guide for You 2024

Is your internet connection weak in some locations of your home or, office and you would like to improve it with an outdated router? If you are thinking about “Can I use WiFi router as extender?”, then read the full article to get the easiest solution. If you’re having trouble with your Wi-Fi signal, converting […]

2024 Best Gaming PC Under $1500: Top Picks

When purchasing a gaming PC, there are many factors to consider, including power, size, components, and the desired gaming resolution. With the ability to customize and upgrade specific components, a gaming PC is among the most adaptable ways to play games. You might not require a high-end CPU and graphics card if all you want […]

Gaming PC Vs Gaming Laptop: Select The Best One 2024

WHAT IS GAMING PC? Enjoying the newest games at stunning visual quality and high resolutions is possible with a gaming PC. The purpose of a gaming PC’s development is to deliver optimal performance for the purpose of playing video games. Gaming PCs are designed primarily with gaming in mind. They offer fluid gameplay, gorgeous visuals, […]

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