Arris G36: Why You Should Buy This Arris Router Modem Combo?

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Enhance your Wi-Fi experience with the Arris G36 Router, where slow connections become a thing of the past and buffering goes on permanent vacation. Introducing blazingly fast gaming, streaming, and surfing. Some features, advantages, reviews, and real insights into the Arris G36 router are presented below.

Arris G36

Features of Arris G36

Two-in-One Device:

The ARRIS SURFboard G36 integrates an AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 router and DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem to offer lightning-fast streaming, downloading, and seamless connectivity for all of your devices in a single, compact unit.

Future-Proof Technology:

 With the most recent versions of DOCSIS 3.1 and Wi-Fi 6, the G36 modem is compatible with both current and upcoming high-speed internet plans up to 2.5 Gbps and supports multi-gig networking with a 2.5GB port.

Modem Technology:

The most recent technology offered by cable internet providers is DOCSIS 3.1. In addition to being ten times faster than DOCSIS 3.0, it also offers improved security, less lag during gaming, and multi-gig networking.


Cox (Gigablast), Spectrum (Internet Gig), Xfinity (Gigabit/Gigabit x2), and other major U.S. cable internet providers are compatible with the SURFboard G36.

Routers Technology:

With four 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet port, it can deliver up to 3 Gbps (3,000 Mbps) of Wi-Fi speed.

Model NameG36 SURFboard DOCSIS
DOCSIS Download SpeedUp to 4 Gbps
Wi-fiWi-Fi 6
1 Gbps Ethernet Ports4
ConnectivityEthernet, coaxial cable, WiFi
Compatible Devicescell phone, iPhone, computer, streaming devices, smart TV, Tablet, IOT devices
Parental ControlYes

Advantages of G36 Router

  1. Get Your Own Modem and Save:

Get rid of the monthly fees associated with renting a cable modem and cut down on your cable bill.

  • Integrated Wifi Router:

There is no need to handle several devices. This compact device combines a wireless router with a cable modem.

  • Simple Configuration:

After plugging in the device, activate the modem and set up your Wi-Fi network by downloading the SURFboard Central App and following the directions.

  • ARRIS’s Warranty:

A two-year limited warranty is included with the product.

  • High-Efficiency & Short Lag:

Your home network will function better and be more efficient with lower latency for high-bandwidth applications like 4K streaming, gaming, and conference calls thanks to DOCSIS 3.1 modem technology and integrated Wi-Fi 6.

Arris G36 Ratings

To anyone looking for a space-saving, affordable, and simple-to-install internet solution, I heartily recommend this modem/router combo. The monthly savings are an added bonus, and it has significantly improved my experience with my home network.

User Experience with Arris G36

Simple Installation:

Arris G36 is very easy to set up and operate. Simple and straightforward installation instructions are included with the modem/router combo. Even though someone doesn’t know much about technology, he/she can quickly get it up and going. You don’t have to waste time waiting for a technician to come to install it for you or figuring out complex setups.

Compact Design:

The slim and compact design of this modem/router combo is one of its best qualities. It can fit nicely on the few shelves of your home office because it doesn’t take up much room. It is also simple to move about and tuck away when not in use thanks to its compact design.

Cost Savings:

The savings provided by this modem/router combo may be its greatest advantage. You can save $15 a month because you won’t be paying a rental fee to your internet service provider!

Reliable Performance:

You can save money and space with this combo, and it performs really well as well. After moving to this modem/router, you will be able to notice a faster and more reliable internet speeds. Video conferencing, streaming, and online gaming are all more seamless than before.


It’s really handy to have a router and modem built into one unit. You won’t have to stress about compatibility problems or two different devices taking up space on your desk. Your home network setup is made simpler by this all-in-one solution.

The technology inside the Arris G36 Router

The G36’s main component is a multi-core processor, which can handle congestion with ease. With 32 x 8 channels to work with, the current chipset guarantees that you can take full advantage of DOCSIS 3.1 technology as well as a fallback to DOCSIS 3.0.

The internal antennas, which are more than capable of maintaining the connections, improve performance. Apart from these specifications, the Surfboard G36 also takes IPv6 support and AES encryption into consideration to ward off online threats.


If you want to go hardware shopping and intend to set up a new internet connection the Arris Surfboard G36 is a product you should look

Even though the initial price may seem a little high, it is still less expensive than buying a Wi-Fi 6 router and a modem that are compatible with DOCSIS 3.1 separately. Furthermore, it is compatible with the majority of ISPs, so you can take it with you when you move.


1.     Is Arris G36 a router and modem?

Yes, the Arris G36 is a combined package of both a cable modem and wireless router that supports Wi-Fi 6 standards and DOCSIS 3.1 standards. It has one 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port and four 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

2.     What is the warranty period for Arris G36?

A two-year limited warranty is included with the purchase of the Arris Surfboard G36.

3.     Is the Arris G36 good for gaming?

With Wi-Fi 6 technology installed on the G36, wireless connectivity is quicker and more reliable than it was with previous models.  It should have no trouble playing the majority of online games.

4.     What is the range of the Arris SURFboard G36?

A range of 2,500 square feet is covered by each ARRIS SURFboard G36 DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem and Wi-Fi 6 router node.

5.     What is DOCSIS 3.1?

Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 3.1, or DOCSIS 3.1 for short, is an international telecommunications standard that enables the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer to an already-existing cable television (CATV) system. DOCSIS 3.1 is the current industry standard for high-quality internet access over hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks.

Arris G36: Why You Should Buy This Arris Router Modem Combo?

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